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J. M. Joslyn

I’m a wounded combat veteran and have severe pain occurring daily. With help from Xceed Acupuncture, I get relief and even periods of feeling pain free which I haven’t felt in over 5 years. I highly recommend them.

Jose A.

i’m a veteran and started acupuncture about two months ago for lower back pain. From the first visit I was treated with courtesy by the staff and doctor. She listened to my concerns and addressed, not only my lower back pain, but my neck, knee, hand pain and sinuses. My pain has decreased and I feel better with ever treatment. I am regaining my health back. I highly recommend. Xceed Acupuncture.

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If you are experiencing a better quality of life because of treatment you’ve received at our clinic, tell us adout it. We would love to hear from you.

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Thank you for your sacrifice and service!

Honored to serve our veterans and active military


What started as acupuncture for a VA hospital nurse, has today become a primary focus of our business. 

Hello, I'm Dr. Kelsey, owner and founder of Xceed Acupuncture Inc. In 2016 we treated a surgical nurse/veteran from the Capt. James A. Lovell Federal Healthcare Center for chronic pain. Amazed by the results, we were invited to her hospital to meet some of the doctors and staff and discuss acupuncture therapy for veterans.

We came away from that meeting with a profound new passion and focus to help as many of our veterans as possible naturally through acupuncture. 

Today I have dedicated myself and staff to understanding and treating the unique needs of our veterans and have had outstanding results.  

We are grateful to have successfully treated and improved the quality of life for many veterans. If you suffer from pain, sleeping problems, stress, PSTD, depression or addictions, we can help you.

Because we accept full VA benefits, there is never any out-of-pocket costs to approved veterans for acupuncture treatments. 

Call us today for information on the simple VA approval process. 708.689.0473

Acupuncture does work... Really!


The way acupuncture works is by aiding the body’s own healing energy, the same way vitamin C boosts your own immune system to fight off a cold.


The body has what is called a meridian system; its like a superhighway that carries your own healing energy throughout the body. 

Remember when you were young how quickly your body would heal from bumps and bruises? Or how much more sound your sleep was? It was because your meridian system was working at peak performance, delivering healing energy to your body quickly and efficiently.

Now the good news. When our highly trained acupuncturists inserts the tiny acupuncture needles at key points along the body’s meridian, amazing things begin to happen. 

The meridian system is stimulated and the healing energy begins to flow, just like when you were younger. And when committed to ongoing treatments, you will be more resilient, have less pain, experience improved sleep, feel more energized and experience a better quality of life.

Acupuncture is effective in helping veterans with PTSD, chronic pain, stress, sleep disorders, addictions, weight loss, infertility & more. 

With $0 out-of-pocket for all approved veterans, isn't it time for you to try acupuncture

Why Xceed Acupuncture for veterans?


While choices are good, as you know not all things are created equal. Lets face it... A scalpel in the hands of a young doctor may not yield the same results as with a seasoned surgeon; The same is true with acupuncture.


At Xceed Acupuncture, we have dedicated our business and staff to understanding the unique healthcare issues of our veterans and utilize proprietary acupuncture treatments for the best possible results. 

Today many VA hospitals now offer (in-house) acupuncture for pain management. While this is a big step in the right direction, most veterans wanting VA offered acupuncture have to wait up to a month or longer to get treatment.

This is a huge problem because acupuncture works more like physical therapy then corrective surgery. And like physical therapy, you need to be on a regular weekly or biweekly treatment schedule, in order to receive the full benefits of acupuncture.

This is because acupuncture actually improves the natural energy flow in the body and begins teaching the body how to heal itself, the way it did when you were young. 

Like physical therapy, frequency & consistency is crucial for acupuncture to reverse the years of blocked healing energy within the body. Once your own healing energy is released, you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

We have made it our focus to  understand the difficulties and health issues our veterans face. We have also made it our goal to improve the quality to life for as many veterans as possibly. We'd like you to be one of them.

Thank you for your service.  

Xceed Acupuncture 

Proud to serve our Veterans.

We are an approved VA provider. 

Let us help you heal naturally and improve your quality of life.


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